What is my business worth?

It’s the most important financial question you can ask. For private company owners, it’s also the most difficult to answer. Until now. In just a few steps you’ll be able to replace your assumptions with hard numbers and real comparables from BVR, the market leader in private company sales transaction data. Can you afford market uncertainties and guesses when maximizing the value of your most important asset? Let’s get started…

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BVR’s BV Expert Directory includes only qualified business appraisers, financial experts and expert witnesses! Searchable by area of expertise, name, geographic location, industry keyword and more, you can quickly and easily locate the right expert for your issue in which the value of a business asset needs to be derived. Search and locate your expert business appraiser today!

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What have businesses like mine sold for?

Pratt’s Stats, available only here, gives you 88 points of financial data on private company deals for companies like yours. Real deals for companies with sales prices from under $1 million to billions. Transaction terms for impossible to find issues like employment agreements, assumed liabilities, and non-competes. Sortable by location, size, SIC code, transaction date, and other factors.


How do my company’s financials compare to others in my industry?

Through accessing over half a billion sourced data points from 18 million business operations every six months, BizMiner compiles complete and extensive business information that allows you to compare your firm to your competitors. BizMiner’s 5-Year Industry Financial Profiles provide rock-solid industry financial ratios, detailed profit and loss statement information, and balance sheet data for 10,000 lines of businesses. BizMiner’s Competitive Market Analyzer creates a customized narrative competitive analysis of your firm, your industry and your market area—enter a few pieces of information about your company and location and find out how you stack up against your competitors.

What’s the outlook for my business?

Every owner and CFO knows that the value of a business is highest when potential buyers expect the biggest future cash flows. So, you can’t know the best time to sell or invest without current, targeted documentation of risks and opportunities in your business' market or State. First Research Industry Profile reports, updated quarterly, offer 10 pages of up-to-the minute industry credit, risk and other projections for hundreds of SIC and NAICS codes. First Research State Profiles, also updated quarterly, offer an up-to-the-minute summary of the driving economic factors in your State or Canadian Province. Using anything else leaves the future value of your business to chance.

Where can I get more details about selling my business?.

Business owners and financial managers face an untold list of questions when considering a business transaction. Should I structure a buy-sell agreement? What happens to minority shareholders? How are employment contracts valued? BVR has assembled answers to these difficult questions on our resources page

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